Long Island Bahamas Offshore Fishing Report & Forecast: January 2014

Bahamas tuna and wahoo.
Capt. Luke Maillis with a nice Diana Bank tuna and several wahoo. Photo courtesy of Reel Addictive Charters.

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]anuary is the best month of the year for catching wahoo in Long island, Bahamas. This is when the majority of the fish have migrated into the Bahamas and are congregating around favorable structures such as Diana Bank and Simms bar. We have had trips in January fishing Diana bank where we simply cannot set more than two lines in the water before getting a strike. The fish seem to build in numbers and stay in good areas for a few days at a time, accumulating to large schools of 30 to 40 wahoo in one area. This is the golden time to fish Diana, as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. It only takes a couple days of sport fishermen to fish the area hard before it gets wiped out. This is the ideal place for an enthusiastic spear fisherman to have a chance at breaking the pole spear record or even to use a Hawaiian sling. In Long Island we run charters for both fishing and spearfishing to broaden the spectrum of adventure. Keep watching the weather forecast while you rig and make ready, to be that early bird that gets the worm.