Makin’ Reel Memories – Living Up to Its Name

1st Place--Makin' Reel Memories.
1st Place–Makin’ Reel Memories.

Team Makin’ Reel Memories wasted no time establishing a firm lead in last week’s Harbour Island Championship. Angler Kathy Jossim grabbed 1,200 points for the Team by catching and releasing two blue marlin on day one of the tournament which is the second leg of the 2013 Bahamas Billfish Championship.

Jossim released her first blue at 10:05 and her second at 3:45. In the meantime, Luis Bacardi on the Rum Bum was busy getting a Grand Slam. He started the day with a blue marlin release at 9:46. Shortly after ten o’clock, Bacardi released a sailfish. He completed the ‘slam’ at 3:05 releasing a white marlin.

2nd Place, Rum Bum.
2nd Place, Rum Bum.

Although teams Makin’ Reel Memories and Rum Bum remained quiet, Joe Posillico’s Team Torta made their presence known on days two and three by catching two white marlin and a blue. The final day of the tournament started with the Farmingdale, New York Viking in second place with 1,000 points. The 57 Bertram Rum Bum was in third place with 900 points and Makin’ Reel Memories, a Hatteras 60, was holding on to first place with 1,200 points.

In all BBC tournaments, 700 ‘grand slam bonus’ points are awarded to a team catching a sailfish, white marlin (or spearfish) and blue marlin in one day during the tournament. At the conclusion of the tournament, the Grand Slam Bonus points are added to the team’s overall score for that tournament. This meant that, regardless of what happened on day four, Rum Bum was assured of finishing with at least 1,600 points.

3rd Place, Torta.
3rd Place, Torta.

At 8:24 on day four, Makin’ Reel Memories with owner Mike Sandifer in the chair, released their third blue marlin of the tournament. That release gave Makin’ Reel Memories 1,800 points. While teams Cowpoke, Sharkbait and Leap Year were adding points releasing sailfish and white marlin on the final day, neither Rum Bum nor Torta was able to catch a billfish.

Winning the Harbour Island Championship earned Mike Sandifer and Team Makin’ Reel Memories a beautiful Randy Rich trophy. In addition, the Jacksonville, Florida native received a $1,000 gift certificate from Aqualuma Lighting. Capt. Doug Jossim and the Makin’ Reel Memories crew received Randy Rich acrylic trophies sponsored by the Lewis Marine Group.

The Second Place Randy Rich trophy went to Rum Bum. Luis Bacardi’s team finished with 1,600 points as a result of Bacardi’s ‘grand slam.’ BBC newcomer, Joe Posillico and Team Torta received the Third Place trophy. In addition to the Randy Rich trophies, the three winning teams also received gift certificates from Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service (ROFFS) and bottles of Bacardi Anejo from Bacardi and Bristol Wine & Spirits.

Top Tournament Angler honors went to Luis Bacardi who will receive a Carey Chen artwork entitled ‘Five Billfish’ presented by ISR Marine Insurance and Smith-Merritt Insurance. All anglers in the 2013 BBC series are competing for the newly created Jim Lambert Memorial Trophy. The trophy will be presented to the BBC’s top angler. The presentation by ISR and Smith-Merritt will take place at the 40th Anniversary celebration during the Marsh Harbour Championship.

The Harbour Island Championship resulted in 7 blue marlin releases, 9 white marlin releases and 2 sailfish releases. All catches in Bahamas Billfish Championship tournaments are validated using time and date stamped digital images. Affidavits signed by all participants fishing on each team further confirms that the fish was released in accordance with IGFA and Bahamas Billfish Championship rules.

Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Bahamas Billfish Championship is the oldest billfish tournament series in the world. Anglers can fish any or all of the tournaments with cumulative points determining the overall Bahamas Billfish Champions. The BBC endowed two scholarships that enable Bahamian students the opportunity to pursue a degree in marine biology or advanced education in the marine technologies.

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