Mobile / Dauphin Island

Capt. Charlie Gray

Well we are finally getting a small break from the heat here along the Alabama Gulf Coast and are still catching nice limits of speckled trout up to 6 pounds here in the lower Mobile Bay area, mostly on slip cork rigs fishing with live shrimp and live croakers in water 12 to 15 feet deep around the lower bay gas rigs and platforms and on the inshore reefs where the water salinity, oxygen and temperature remains constant; We are still catching white trout in these same areas, mostly catching them on Vudu shrimp imitation lures in a natural color with a bit of Vudu sauce (scent) added, you do not need live bait for these white trout the plastics work just as well, save your live bait ! The redfish bite is still hot in the marsh and estuaries using the Matrix shad baits in a variety of colors like shrimp creole, pink champagne, or limbo slice colors, although they will take a live shrimp or croaker and even a bull minnow and try the Vudu, they work well here too.
Although, it is not cool by any means, the trout follow the bait and their instincts as the bait begins to migrate North. I will continue to use live shrimp under a popping cork in the shallow waters early as we are still in the summer pattern. Look for slicks too and diving or working birds, the fish are fattening up for winter and gorge themselves on these little fat minnows and shrimp. The triple tail or blackfish will be here until the water cools, so do not pass up any floating logs or debris.
We have openings still available for the Fall and Winter so give us a call and Lets go CATCHING, remember when you call me you fish with me!
Until next month, Tight lines and good fishing!

Capt. Charlie Gray
Gray Gulf Charters
Dauphin Island / Mobile Bay / Ft Morgan Alabama