Mobile / Dauphin Island January 2020

Capt. Charlie Gray

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well, another decade behind us here and you look up and its 2020 and with Christmas behind us, we can start planning for the new year and hopefully warmer temps soon which leads to good fishing, wishful thinking I know, but hey it beats dreading winter. The trout fishing has been good in the area and will continue for a little while longer. Down my way, farther south, with lower air and water temps the trout will still be in the deeper tidal rivers that dump into the Bay and Sound. If you can find live shrimp, by all means get some before you leave the dock, if not the good ole shrimp and minnow imitations will work well fished on a 1/8 to 1/4 ounce jig head. I am using Vudu shrimp still under a cork with some Vudu shrimp sauce (scent) applied to the under body. I am also using paddle tail swim baits like the Matrix shad in a variety of colors, but I like them with some yellow or bright green in them. I am fishing deep from 8 to 12 feet and even deeper in the holes where the water temperatures and salinity are constant; AND remember present the baits SLOW, SLOW , SLOW and keep the jig head in contact with the bottom as much as possible;
A slow troll in the middle of these rivers also can produce nice fish. Troll a jig or a rattle trap or other hard bait like a Yo-Zuri minnow or Mirrodine on the bottom, go slow either in a natural drift or by using a trolling motor on a very low setting, just drift as naturally as you can; There will be redfish in these areas as well as specks and white trout. If you get a calm day and can get out into the bay or sound, the white trout will be around deeper structure and around the gas rigs in these areas, there may already be a few sheepshead there as well; soon the sheepshead will appear but probably not schooled up in big numbers like they will in coming months as the annual spawn occurs, you can use dead shrimp or other fresh dead bait to target these species. There will be whiting aka ground mullet off the gulf beaches, use a small piece of fresh shrimp on a small khale hook and a small split shot above the hook to keep the bait on the bottom or close to the bottom, or use a bridge rig with a one ounce weight and fish just off the beach or between the sand bars.

We are still fishing and booking trips through the Winter, call me to discuss or book for Spring and Summer, dates are filling up!

Call me, let’s go fishing !

Capt. Charlie Gray
Gray Gulf Charters
Dauphin Island / Mobile Bay / Ft Morgan Alabama