Mobile / Dauphin Island June 2019

Capt. Charlie Gray

IT’S SUMMERTIME!!!! and my favorite month for speckled trout fishing as the cool nights and days are gone and we are in the full summer fishing pattern. As the day warms, speckled trout can be found in deeper water around structure, such as the Mobile Bay gas rigs and reefs and wrecks in Mississippi Sound. I use a slip cork rig when fishing around this type structure in deeper water, fishing with mainly live shrimp. Fish with the bait suspended off the bottom 2 to 3 feet, or in the lower one third of the water column. You should have no problem finding live shrimp now, they are quite abundant. You can also fish a carolina style rig on the bottom with a live croaker on a khale hook.

The gulf beach side of the Island and around Sand Island will hold specks and redfish in the holes and drop offs. In the more shallow water, a live shrimp under a popping cork in water 3 to 6 feet deep is a good bet for now early before the sun gets too high and the water warms; tight lining or free lining a live croaker or pinfish on the bottom in deeper water will work well here too.

We have been finding more flounder this year than in years past and of course there are redfish everywhere along with white trout, and spanish mackerel. June gives us a great variety of fish species to target here around the Island.
Early morning, just at daylight and late afternoon right at dusk, the top water bite for speckled trout is a fun way to catch them either wading or fishing from the boat. I will use a variety of top water baits in various colors. I love the Yo-Zuri top water baits like the 3DB Pencil baits. My favorite is the Ghost Shad color, but I also prefer the other mullet imitations with silver sides, dark back, either green or black, but the chartreuse, and the hot pink work well too. When you are wading you can cover much more area.

Call me, let’s go fishing !

Capt. Charlie Gray
Gray Gulf Charters
Dauphin Island / Mobile Bay / Ft Morgan Alabama