Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report: April 2014

Joel Sheteluk of Deland got this red despite rainy March weather. Photo by Capt. Brian Clancy
Joel Sheteluk of Deland got
this red despite rainy March weather. Photo by Capt. Brian Clancy

By Capt. Brian Clancy

The large reds were in abundance in March, and that unique niche in our lagoon should be fishable this month as well. The slot reds and trout were showing real well too. As the water level in the lagoon rose in March, the fish migrated with it. One to two feet of water is a good start when looking for fish, but don’t ignore the edge of the flats either.

As we get into April, you’ll see the coastal white butterflies cruising the waterways for about a week. You can be sure that spring is on at that point. Stow your heavy jackets, you’ll be comfortable in a light jacket or long sleeves at dawn but be ready to enjoy temperatures in the 80’s the rest of the day. The small schools of finger mullet, glass minnows, shoreline mud minnows and pinfish that were starting to show their presence in March will explode in numbers in April.

Redfish and trout in the lagoon will expand their feeding habits to these new baits but still work the grass for shrimp and crab as well. The influx of bait fish into the lagoon will have both trout and reds interested in feeding on, just off the bottom and now on the surface! Topwater and subsurface lures, jigs, flies and weedless soft plastic swim baits casted to these fish while they’re still in a natural state should trigger a feeding response, a strike! This is a good time to take a look at your tackle, it may be time to change some rusted hooks, replace particular flies or lures. Head to your favorite tackle store and respool with some new braid, when that bad boy hits, you want to stick ‘em and not get broke off!

Enjoy the outdoors, get out and fish!

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