Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Report: June 2013

June begins the real summer here in the Mosquito Lagoon. We’re still going to get those big trout but now the smaller trout in the slot range (15-20) will be more numerous. Slot-sized redfish (18-27 inches, with the tails pinched) will be in smaller groups than in the winter months and will be scattered across the grass flats, along drop-offs and next to marsh islands.

The lagoon comes alive with bait this time of year, especially pinfish and mullet, both great baits for redfish and spotted sea trout. If you’re a live bait fisherman, bait traps for the pins and cast nets for the mullet will keep you in business. Local tackle shops specialize in the current baits and can save you a lot of time. Pigfish, a species of pinfish, is sea trout candy, the noise they make and action they provide drive trout nuts! Pigfish are also available at the local tackle shops, call ahead though, they are in great demand. Ask the tackle shop guys about information on how to use them as fishing pigs takes a special technique.

With all the bait in the lagoon, now is a great time to get those top water lures, soft plastic baits and spoons working. Casting an artificial lure to a fish that is familiar to the bait they’re mimicking can cause explosive strikes. One thing to keep in mind is “injured baitfish” when working a lure or plastic. You want to work the bait to mimic a wounded baitfish, easy to attack, but worked just hard enough to get fish interested.

Fly-fishing is another option, and like artificial lures, top water and baitfish patterns work well in the summer, and are great for “searching an area.” Spoonflys and shrimp patterns are old standbys that need to be in the fly box.

Have a great month, get out and fish!