Mosquito Lagoon/Ponce Inlet Fishing Report: Feb 2014

Wake up call for your 2014 fishing and lodging plans. Make time to bend a rod and relax.Capt. Brian Clancy

January had some good redfishing and the cold fronts should improve the redfishing through February. Constant fronts will keep the water clear, cold and shallow in the Mosquito Lagoon. Redfish will be used to the winter weather and will bite through the fronts and and keep eating in all but the coldest and nastiest weather. Live shrimp is the go-to bait for schoolie redfish. Flies and jigs will also work this time of year so if you feel you’ve caught enough reds on bait now is your time to try fishing with artificials. If the reds are eating good, there will be little in the form of jigs and flies they won’t turn down. Keep your “arties” small and use a presentation that doesn’t “spook” off the reds. Take your time to make good casts. Try several retrieves to get the reds to eat then stick with it. Big “gator” trout will eat on a warming trend. The super clear water is a tough place to get them to take your offering, early morning is best. Cloudy water is your best choice for big trout if you know they’re there. When running the lagoon, only the deepest channels will be navigable this time of year.

If you haven’t made plans yet, please give me a call and we’ll set something up now. A couple of nights at the camp and/or a fishing charter in February, while the reds are schooling.

Hold on, please let me thank you first before you go!

Thank you for staying at the camp and chartering. You got me through the recession and 2013 was a good year. 2014 looks to even be better.

Capt. Brian Clancy
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