Mosquito Lagoon/Ponce Inlet Fishing Report: Jan 2014


by Capt. Brian Clancy

Happy New Year! December had good fishing with some great “tailing” redfish action. Also the bigger trout were hitting the weedless jerk baits. In January, if the cold fronts roar through on a regular basis, the water will be super clear on the flats and in the backcountry. The normally turbid tidal areas and creeks to the north of the Mosquito Lagoon will also have gin clear water. The water levels will be at the lowest levels of the year and many flats will be “dry” and visible, too shallow to fish. Early mornings will still be productive if you know where the fish are hanging, even if if it’s chilly and blowy. If you are planning on just poling the flats, sightfishing for redfish, a little later start when the sun comes up is the deal. I like the early start catching a few reds just by seeing their wakes. As the day progresses you’ll actually see redfish lit up by the sun in the clear water on the flats. The same for the creeks, where usually turbid water hides redfish, the clear water let’s you “spot” the fish. Clear water can also make redfish and trout more jittery and cautious. Stealthy approaches and long casts get the job done. Live shrimp is the “go to” bait, scented baits and small jigs if you’re going artificial. If you plan on fly-fishing, small crab-like and shrimp imitations in brownish colors are usually the best but pink and chartreuse can be surprisingly productive colors. Dress in layers to be comfortable, cold mornings can warm up quickly. Enjoy the outdoors, get out and fish!

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