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Springtime Fishing

Written By: Caitlyn Gatrell It’s that time of year again! The weather is warming up and the fish are coming … Feb 29th, 2024

The Silver Kings

By: Jessica Harris It’s nearing the time of tarpon season! Florida, also called the Fishing Capital of the World, has … Feb 29th, 2024

2024 Bonita Boat Show and Fishing

By: Captain Terry Fisher February 29-March 3 are the dates for this year’s Bonita Springs Boat show being held at … Feb 29th, 2024

Naples Fishing Reports

On The Edge

By: Joe Sheaffer This winter has been quite cool in Southwest Florida this year. Low water, cool water temps, cool … Feb 29th, 2024

Kayak Fly Fishing

By: Brendon Allen Kayak fishing has surged in popularity over the last decade for clear reasons. From providing better access … Feb 29th, 2024

Head to the Passes

By: Joe Sheaffer Many anglers in Southwest Florida stop fishing the beaches during the colder months. The colder water temps … Dec 31st, 2023

Fishing Opportunities

By: Joe Sheaffer Like many anglers, I really enjoy spending a day fishing from my boat. It allows me to … Dec 1st, 2023

Fall Fishing

By: Capt. Dave Stephens This fall has been a little crazy so far, as we have been down on our … Oct 31st, 2023

Naples Tide Charts

Marco Island Tide Charts

Wiggins Pass Tide Charts

Everglades Tide Charts

Jig & Fly of The month

This Time of Year

By: Capt. Dave Stephens After coming off a very wet and colder winter than normal, we hope things this spring … Feb 29th, 2024


Paddlin and Fishin

By: Dan Carns Our shop, Gulf Coast Kayak in Matlacha, is uniquely suited to kayaking as it sits on the … Mar 31st, 2022

In The Wake

Be a Friend to Brown Pelicans – Don’t Feed Them!

Brown Pelicans are icons of the Florida coast and waterfront. They loaf on beaches, perch on piers, and soar across … Feb 29th, 2024

Naples Fishing & Outdoors

Know What You’re Getting Into

By: Capt. Tim Ramsey My wife and I went fishing one day in the backcountry east of the Marco Island … Dec 31st, 2023

Fishing Recommendations for This Year

By: Captain Terry Fisher The November 2023 Ft. Myers Boat Show had a great showing with a number of inquisitive … Dec 31st, 2023

We Have it so Good

By: Capt. Tim Ramsey Here we are, coming up on the holiday season, and we have it better than you … Dec 1st, 2023

Holiday Fishing

By: Capt. Terry Fisher It is that time of year when the area ‘lights’ up with numerous visitors and homeowners … Nov 30th, 2023

Fishing Tips & Advice

Important Update on Navigating Wiggins Pass

by Alan Ritchie All mariners that use the waters in southwest Florida are aware that conditions are dynamic and are … Apr 1st, 2019

Boat Engine Tips & Tricks

by Kit Sawyer There are several things to look over before using your boat, such as pulling the drain plug … Sep 1st, 2018

When it comes to barotrauma, the right tools mean everything.

It’s that time of year when you may be fishing for snapper and grouper. Continue your role as a conservationist … Aug 1st, 2018