Nassau Dive Forecast – November 2011

Sargent majors swarm both divers and snorkelers on the shallow reefs off Nassau. PHOTO CREDIT: Bahamas Divers.

November is the start of cooler air and water temperatures and awesome visibility. Diving the wreck off the north side of Paradise Island or the drop-offs at Love Beach and Lyford Cay, expect to have choppy seas due to prevailing east northeast winds heading out to the dive sites. Heading out, you will have sightings of yellowfin tuna giving chase to flying fish. Always a great show! Below the surface, the wrecks and walls offer 90 foot visibility with schools of jacks, yellowtails, blue tangs and a barracuda or two. At the shallower reefs, the sergeant majors are in your face whether snorkeling or diving. The shallower reefs with the sunlight are ideal for photo opportunities without the need for a flash. If the east northeast winds are too strong with the passing of cold fronts, the south side of New Providence has equally great sites to visit.

See you in Nassau soon!

FORECAST BY: Cardinal Collie
Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
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