Nassau Dive Forecast – October 2011

A loggerhead sea turtle has a few “friends” hitching a ride in the waters off Nassau. Photo credit: Bahama Divers.

October is a great month to visit the waters of Nassau and New Providence. Water temperatures are in the mid to low 80’s, so leave the wetsuit at home. The visibility is averaging around 100 feet and seas are light to moderate. October is still considered the off-season, meaning less crowded dive boats and a less crowded airport facilitated by U.S. Customs and Immigration pre-clearance. As the month progresses, slight temperature changes can be expected making the clarity and colors on the dive sites stand out even more brilliantly. The reefs and wrecks are home to a wide variety of marine life making every dive an adventure. From green moray eels swimming along the wrecks to brightly colored tropicals scurrying around the reef, your dive will be a parade of undersea beauty and magic. Crawfish season is open so if you are planning on catching dinner and not diving with a dive operator, please check all Bahamian rules and regulations before taking any crawfish. For information you may contact The Department of Fisheries and Marina Resources at (242) 393-1777. See you in Nassau soon!

Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
Tel: (242) 393-5644 or (242) 393-6054