Nassau Inshore Fishing Report and Forecast: January 2014

Bonefish Simon Bain declares "bone catching" in Nassau waters is especially good in January. PHOTO CREDIT: Kapil Mohabir.
Bonefish Simon Bain declares “bone catching” in Nassau waters is especially good in January. PHOTO CREDIT: Kapil Mohabir.

“Bone-catching” in Nassau waters is great year-round, but it is especially good in January. You can count on the fact that the fish will be larger. Bonefish are now schooling huge on the eastern tip of Nassau. In addition, there are schools of tarpon swimming along the shorelines of Nassau.  There are plenty of other species to target too, such as jacks, grouper, permit, snapper and even shark.

The wind can be a problem during the winter so I teach people who come to fish with me how to best cast in the wind. Think about riding a bike on the top of a hill and stopping right at the peak for a couple of seconds, then let the bike go. It will go down that hill and even winds of 25 or 30 miles per hour cannot stop it. When you cast, take the rod up and wait to feel the line, then push the rod tip down. This technique is from the Simon Bain Fishing Bible, the “pull, wait and push” method. Once you master the trick, casting in the wind is easy. Remember, the higher you stop the rod tip, the more you feel the line. The line has to go all the way back before it can come forward, then you push the rod forward and the line will follow. It takes practice but Bonefish Simon can teach you!

Some of the best bone fishing in the Bahamas is waiting for you in Nassau. So plan your trip to the capital and enjoy all of the adventure that Nassau and Paradise Island have to offer.