North Eleuthera Dive Forecast – November 2011

Lemon shark on the reef. PHOTO CREDIT: Florida Museum of Natural History (

November in the Bahamas—yes, a pretty darn good place to be, especially diving with me! Only diver heaven could be better! Imagine being swept along by gentle currents and seeing huge horse-eye jacks and grouper passing by, just like you and your dive buddy are their best pal, as well as huge nurse sharks in the crevices resting and thousands of colorful reef fish just swimming dancing on the reef only an arm’s length away. This is North Eleuthera in November. The shallow reefs along with all of the reef dwellers enjoy the cooler nutrient rich water passing over them and seem to truly become brilliantly alive. The visibility is excellent this time of year. The water has begun to cool down so you will have to bring a wetsuit (or rent one). The extra protection will ensure you are not chilled and enjoy maximum dive time comfortably. There are typically some windy days in the month but we are always able to go out diving in the protection of the island’s lee side. Take a trip on the wild side…plan to visit Eleuthera soon!

FORECAST BY: Jermaine Kemp
PADI Assistant Instructor #240600
Lower Bogue, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 359-7394 | Email: