North Eleuthera Dive Forecast – March 2011

Bermuda chubs at the grotto off of Harbour Island. Photo credit: Jermaine Kemp.

If there had to be two or three months that would be classified as perfect for an Eleutheran dive adventure, March would be one of those months. The water is so clear, due to the lack of algae growth all winter that it seems to almost disappear. The water as it deepens is the purest shades of turquoise imaginable. The reefs (shallow or deep) are breathtaking and there are endless schools of fish to observe and immerse yourself in their kaleidoscope of colors. Eleuthera has many wrecks, so if that is your thing, we have your “wreck-fix.” In March, you’ll be treated to rays of various species, sea turtles, and sharks. The rays are so friendly, you may want to reach out and pet them. The turtles swim as if choreographed by the King of the Sea himself. Eleuthera is a great place to spend spring break. The dive shops are ready, the reefs and wrecks are full of marine life, we have the fun and all we need is YOU!

FORECAST BY: Jermaine Kemp
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