North Eleuthera Diving Forecast – May 2011

The North Eleuthera dive report is brought to you by Jermaine Kemp.

If I had to choose the perfect diving month for water temperature, May would win hands down!  A shorty wet suit is all that is needed to maintain body temperature.  This also means that some of the weight on your weight belt can released.  Sea surface conditions are excellent as the winds are generally calm except for infrequent thunderstorms that mark the beginning of the summer season.  On most of our dives this month we’ll see huge shoals of reef fish.  What types?  How about mahogany snappers, yellowtail snappers, striped grunts, larger grouper and of course reef sharks cruising the reefs.  With the generally calm sea conditions, the visibility is “Eleuthera clear”.  If you are visiting the Isle of Freedom during May you will experience some of the best diving Eleuthera has to offer.  If you are traveling with a large group of divers, it is advisable to bring as much of your own gear as possible to ensure your personal level of comfort.

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FORECAST BY:  Jermaine Kemp
#240600 Lower Bogue
Eleuthera Bahamas
Telephone:  (24) 359-7394