North Eleuthera Fishing Forecast – January 2012

Jake and Kirk Aulin Jr. with a nice North Eleuthera grouper. PHOTO CREDIT: Kirk Aulin, The Cove Eleuthera.


The cool winds of January will work in any angler’s favor. The fish just seem to be a bit less skittish at this time of the year—an angler’s dream come true. With the cooler water, the fish will be spending more time on the flats. In January, when the prevailing wind is usually from the northeast and even though that is the orientation of the island, there are still quite a number of places where you can fish on the windiest of days and catch double-digit fish. Currently, we are seeing and catching larger numbers of fish. Many in the 8 to 9 pound range. If you are planning to head this way, try to book in advance as this is a really busy time of the year.


Offshore fishing really starts to heat up during the month of January, especially after cold fronts have just passed. It would seem like the fish are just waiting for a bait to pass by to grab it up. In North Eleuthera, we are doing really well on the fishing scene. Just the other day there were four blue marlin, six yellowfin tuna, two dorado and a few bonito caught just after a front passed through. January should be an excellent month for wahoo as well, with the fish getting larger as the winter progresses. There will continue to be more mahi-mahi and tuna as well.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Jermaine Kemp

Lower Bogue, Eleuthera, Bahamas
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