North Eleuthera Fishing Forecast – May 2013

William Cash, from Nassau, and his son Will with a 30 pound yellowfin caught fishing with Capt. Ryan Neilly. PHOTO CREDIT: Capt. Ryan Neilly
William Cash, from Nassau, and his son Will with a 30 pound yellowfin caught fishing with Capt. Ryan Neilly. PHOTO CREDIT: Capt. Ryan Neilly

The top three fish for the month of May are yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi and mutton snapper. Your best technique for yellowfin tuna is usually by either trolling ballyhoo with multi-colored skirts or X-Raps, and also live bait, which is best in my opinion. Tuna are caught in numbers either out from Harbour Island or Spanish Wells at Dutch Bars or Shallow Ground Bar. Mahi-mahi are usually caught with ballyhoo with different colored skirts or live bait. They can be found at Dutch Bar or Shallow Ground Bar. The Dutch Bar is north of Spanish Wells and Shallow Ground Bar is north of Harbour Island. Best baits for mutton snapper is to use using either squid or goggle eyes. These can be caught in the channels and outside of the reef in depths from 20 feet to 60 feet. For all of the above fish, I recommend rod and reel rather than handline. The temperature of the water during May will start to warm up and this causes the fish to feed better.

North Eleuthera is a relatively short trip from most of the major islands so come and enjoy a fishing adventure North Eleuthera style.

FORECAST BY: Capt. Ryan Neilly
Spanish Wells, Bahamas
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