North Eleuthera Inshore Fishing Forecast – March 2011

School of North Eleuthera bonefish

March is a very interesting month on the flats. Longer days and shorter nights are beginning to warm the shallow water more quickly each day. The result? Bonefish move into slightly deeper pockets and channels. With the water still being cool, they are aggressive feeders, particularly on a rising tide, and they tend to feed on the edges of the shallower flats. Favorite menu is (of course) crabs and shrimp. Schools will be large and the fish will be in the 4-to-9-pound range. Winds, on average, will continue not to be as blustery as in the winter. Ensure you have sun screen, good polarizing sunglasses and a hat before venturing out. The sun is more intense than you might expect. Don’t be hesitant to let your guide know your level of experience. For new fishermen to flats fishing, I will take them to flats that have large schools of fish where accuracy of the cast is not a primary concern. Experienced anglers will be taken to locations where there tend to be less fish (mostly doubles) but larger.

FORECAST BY: Captain Jermaine Kemp
Lower Bogue, Eleuthera, Bahamas
Phone: (242) 470-3074