North Eleuthera SCUBA Conditions & Forecast: January 2015

Porcupine fish.
Porcupine fish on a snorkel site at Harbour Island. PHOTO CREDIT: George Gross.

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]arly January will be a busy time as many yachters and vacationers will be here on North Eleuthera and Harbour Island to celebrate the New Year, as well as Junkanoo! For watersports fans, be prepared for some wind and water temperatures in the 72-75 degree range, meaning a full 3mm wetsuit for most people. However the air temperatures are a very comfortable 72 to 80 degrees and in many cases clearer visibility offshore for divers.

 Cooler water will bring in closer to shore some big animals like great hammerhead and bull sharks. Mid-January to end of January will be quieter and the ability to get high quality diving and snorkeling in a less crowded environment mat appeal to many.

 Wreck dives are always a treat when loaded with life and the Arimoroa off Egg Island is great for exploring, and underwater photography and/or video for both wide angle and macro opportunities.

We have a shallow wreck nearby for divers and snorkelers who want convenience and especially fun for newly certified divers or resort course customers who want to give diving a try for something different.

 Our January sites for diving will include dives near the Glass Window Bridge to experience what it is like to hear the power of the ocean slamming into the walls of North Eleuthera while searching for turtles, lobsters, crabs, midnight parrotfish, barracuda and the occasional dolphin. Pink House Reef right offshore near Harbour Island should feature schools of eagle rays along with a few Tarpon.

 Lots of schools of fish hang loose in the mild surge at Sea Garden and close by you can do a mini wall dive to 115 feet through a huge archway to see if you can spot a tuna, trevally, jack, or as we did this past season clearly hear the sound of a whale nearby.

 Come and enjoy the parades and Junkanoo music, walk the pink sand beaches, grab a cool beverage, a spicy treat for dinner and let the stress disappear.

 See you on the ocean!