North Eleuthera Scuba Diving Conditions and Forecast: January 2016

Elkhorn coral surrounded by thousands of silversides. PHOTO CREDIT: George Gross.
Elkhorn coral surrounded by thousands of silversides. PHOTO CREDIT: George Gross.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell, the cooler waters have arrived and for both divers and snorkelers we are recommending full 3mm wetsuits to help protect you from the 72-to-75 degree waters. You will enjoy your diving much more. Air temperatures will still range from 72-to-80 degrees.

North Eleuthera and Harbour Island will be very busy in the first week of the new year celebrating Junkanoo and New Year’s, then it’ll slow down dramatically after that. The beaches will be uncrowded and beautiful.

Diving is exciting as many big animals will be moving in to enjoy the cooler waters. Expect to see large squadrons of eagle rays just offshore in 20-to-40 feet of water and at the Current Cut dive between Current Island and North Eleuthera. Large five-to-seven-foot tarpon will also be hanging at a few of our favorite dive sites. And we will be looking for the return of the great hammerhead sharks we had last season.

The dives are there for all to enjoy. We have shallow dives in the 15-to-40-foot range loaded with lots of schooling reef fish, as well as shipwrecks up to 100 years old that are fun to explore. In the 40-to-60-foot range, we have massive coral structures that allow lobsters, eels, and tons of unique smaller crabs and fish to try to hide. We also have dives from 70-to-115 feet deep to explore where ocean jacks, barracuda, lionfish, Bermuda chub, and sharks like to swim.

There are plenty of close by snorkel sites that are shallow (5-to-10 feet) that offer reef fish but also shrimp, lobster, sting rays, baby sharks, crabs, snapper, turtles and octopus!

The hotels, restaurants, friendly people and exciting watersports await you.

See you on the ocean!