North Eleuthera Scuba Diving Conditions and Forecast: July 2015

Chain moray eel, rare for The Bahamas. PHOTO CREDIT: George Gross
Chain moray eel, rare for The Bahamas. PHOTO CREDIT: George Gross

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]eak season has arrived, Eleuthera becomes bustling with activity as people from as far away as China, Europe, and South America join in the excitement and exploration of our underwater world through scuba diving and snorkeling. Many customers choose boating as a means of arrival.

The ocean colours are absolutely gorgeous and often reflect themselves through the clouds above and it’s not uncommon to see green clouds above.

The water temperatures will range from 82° to 87°F and for most divers that means no wetsuits or a dive skin only.

The air temperatures will average 85° but many days go over 90° so staying hydrated and sun protected are important.

Divers will enjoy calmer waters this time of year. Variety of ocean life abounds. As an example, I have witnessed five types of eels lately (chain, sharptail, goldentail, spotted and green), spiny and Spanish lobsters, as well as an assortment of rays— eagle, southern, roughtail and yellow. As for sharks, I’ve enjoyed encounters with tiger, bull, lemon, blacktip, Carribean reef, silky, nurse and dusky sharks.

So much diversity, so much to explore, North Eleuthera, and in particular Harbour Island waters, have so much to offer. Why not book a great house or hotel, come enjoy the great beaches and restaurants and enjoy the area’s diving diversity soon!

See you on the ocean!