Not All Waters are Created Equal

Rich Ellison

I decided it was time to fish somewhere other than Mobile Bay. I pushed a little further southeast, but I did stick to my usual night trips. It was quite the contrast from my usual spots. White sands and clean water are not frequent players in my fishing equation, yet here I was. A heavily populated beach type community provided a target rich environment. The tide was not ideal, but I lost count of dock lights. I did not come across any ravaging drum, but I saw a great many speckled trout & even managed to catch a couple of them. After fishing this strange new place until sunup, I felt compelled to share some observations.

Just because the beach is pretty does not make the fishing better, depending on what you are fishing for… On any given night in Mobile Bay, I can launch from one of half a dozen places on the Eastern Shore and usually catch a limit red fish. I used to catch trout regularly, but as of late it’s become almost impossible at night. But those red drum love our dirty bay water. I don’t think you could do as well catching reds at night at the beach as you can in the bay, and I know you can’t catch specks in the bay at night as well as the beach. I even went out a few nights ago in the bay and managed to catch a few reds, all while watching a Jubilee begin to happen. Those are the toughest of conditions, but I stayed with it until I found one lonesome light holding a few willing participants.

Keep it simple. Until you get a new spot dialed in, it’s a good idea to stay with your confidence baits. Don’t be afraid to throw a couple of new ones though; just in case this new place demands it. I made the mistake of forgoing my fluorocarbon leader because I usually didn’t need it in Mobile Bay and spent the night with easily spooked trout. If I had just tied one on, I would have stayed for the sunrise service, in addition to midnight benediction.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this new float. I don’t think it’s better or worse than my usual haunts; it’s just different. I like different. I have been floating the same places so much that I am tired of looking at them, this was a welcome change of scenery. As usual I had my buddy Chris with me on this outing; it’s definitely a good idea to have a buddy along at night, especially in new water. Summer is upon us. If you want to catch fish without being cooked alive under a boiling sun, consider going for a night float. It’s a great way to beat the heat and stack the deck in your favor.

Rich Ellison
Outback Fishing Adventures