Officially Summer

It is now officially summer for the entire nation but here in Central Florida we’ve been in summer conditions for several months. The best part of it all is that the bass fishing is as hot as the weather. And this is good news for clients because we can enjoy an awesome morning of fishing with very little pressure from other boats, and then everyone can be back to the camp, hotel, or condo to get ready for the other attractions or hit the beaches.

Guy Harvey Camp Mack Lodge, Marina & RV Resort on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is a wonderful summertime get-away and a favorite among locals. With shaded campsites and a 40 room lodge, it is a perfect destination to enjoy world-class bass fishing. I do want to caution boaters that the state draws down lake levels in the summer so use caution while launching and navigating. If you are unfamiliar with the area or renting a boat, many people will hire a guide for a half-day to learn the area, and also learn valuable tips & tactics to catch these bass.

That being said, there are some specific bait choices that can make the difference between fishing and catching. Gambler Baits’ EZ-Swimmers and Toads, Strike King Rage Craws, Spro Frogs, stick worms and flukes, along with a Devils Horse or Spook are all mainstays. Different days and conditions will call for specific baits at specific times. I know you’re saying “Thank you Capt. Obvious,” but you can fish back to back days, same spot same conditions, and the bass will react differently.

Moving over to Winter Haven, we are a quick and easy 30-ish minute drive down from Disney. For folks staying in Davenport it’s even easier as we as only 10 miles south of I4 and Hwy 27. We offer free pick-up and drop-off for clients staying at either Southern Dunes or Balmoral Resort in Haines City. The same services are available to all LEGOLAND Florida Hotel & Beach Retreat guests. For other guests in Winter Haven, please call for info.

The bass fishing here has been fantastic as the fish have been in their Summer schooling patterns for several months. This means that we are catching very good numbers of fish, and a good number of big fish each trip as these schools are actively feeding on the schools of bait. Baits that imitate the primary forage in these lakes is key. We’re throwing flukes, swimbaits, poppers, crankbaits, and jerkbaits in natural colors while varying the depth range throughout the morning.
We are “kid friendly” and love having families onboard, please call to discuss your reservation to ensure we have everything in proper order for your trip. Live shiners are recommended on trips even while fishing artificial baits up front, especially with kids and families.

Capt. Scott is the Senior Pro Bass Guide at Guy Harvey Camp Mack Lodge, Marina & RV Resort, as well as being the Official Guide for

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Capt. Scott is the official guide for & Guy Harvey Camp Mack Lodge, Marina & RV Resort