Offshore Report – March 2019

Capt. Don McPherson

March is finally here and a little warmer weather. The great news is that triggerfish is open in March, April and possibly May. These fish may be caught and kept on the half day trips and longer. Vermillion snapper may be kept year-round. Spanish mackerel will hopefully appear in March or April. We are catching a few sheepshead and an occasional bull redfish within a couple of miles.

I always say fish a half day or go well offshore for deep drop fishing in March. Gag grouper, red grouper and scamp grouper, amberjack and red snapper are closed in March. Red grouper and scamp will open in April. On a full day offshore in March there is a good chance of catching snowy grouper, yellow edge grouper, long tail sea bass and tilefish. These fish are caught with power assisted reels in waters beyond 400 feet deep. These fish are excellent table fare.

Historically, March fishing has been great with catches of triggerfish and vermillion snapper. These fish may be kept and are very tasty. We are also catching and releasing red snapper and amberjack. The 5 and 6-hour charters have been good options. We are catching some Spanish mackerel and bonita on the 4-hour charters. these are all awesome family fishing charters. If you are looking for a more serious charter then the 12-hour trip is very good for deep drop fishing for snowy grouper, yellowedge grouper, tilefish and more.

Remember, recreational red snapper season will be open on 3-day weekends in June and July. Charter for hire fishing season will be open 7 days a week in June and till the latter part of July. It could be open till July 31st. To be announced.

Capt. Don McPherson
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