Offshore Report May 2019

By: Capt. Don McPherson

Fishing was good in April with catches of triggerfish, vermillion snapper, scamp grouper and a few isolated king mackerel. Red snapper is being caught in all depths, but they are closed in May. Triggerfish season closes May 10th. May is one of my favorite months to fish off the Alabama Gulf Coast. The water temps will be slowly rising and that means fish will be more active. If you are fishing within 20 miles, then Vermillion Snapper would be my favorite bottom fish to target. These fish may be kept year-round. King mackerel and Spanish mackerel are other fish that may be caught on shorter trips. Trolling dusters and spoons are good options to entice these pelagic fish.

Fishing offshore in depths over 150 feet you will likely catch scamp grouper, red grouper, vermillion snapper and white snapper (red porgy). I am sure you will catch red snapper and triggerfish. Be sure to check fishing regulations.

Red snapper season for federally permitted charter for hire boats is open June 1st -August 1st, 7 days a week. Recreational red snapper season is Friday- Sunday, June 1st through July 28th.

Offshore fishing for tuna, marlin and dolphin should be good in May. We are hoping to see a better year for tuna in 2019.
Lets go fishing!

Capt. Don McPherson
Getaway Charters