One Of The Hottest

Typically, the month of August is one of the hottest and most humid times of year to fish throughout the Space Coast. In order to beat the heat, angler’s have a few options to catch fish and still have an enjoyable time on the water.

The first option is to fish early. When I say early I mean to have your boat and tackle ready to go the day before you go fishing. Being out on the water before the sun produces any lights can be a difference maker. When fishing inshore, anglers will want to fish in areas that have been known to have clean water. This is typically were bait fish and game fish will be most active. During this time of year, baits such as shrimp, scented jerk baits, gold spoons, or even subsurface lures such as MirrOLures Series III Catch 5 S25MR Suspending Twitchbait (MG) will all work well when targeting spotted seatrout, redfish, or even snook. When targeting these fish, angler’s will want to keep in mind that these fish can be easily spooked. To overcome this, angler’s will want to make a long accurate cast to a targeted area while practicing a stealth like approach. Some of these fish may be hesitant to strike at first. It is important to fish these baits slowly and as naturally as possible.

The second option to beating the heat is to fish at night. Fish such as snook or trout have been known to feed just after sunset. This is especially true when fishing on or near the full moon which occurs during August 26. If conditions are calm anglers will want to fish any structure that is lit up at night such as docks or bridge fenders. One of the best approaches is to fishing in the area such as this is to anchor up in a targeted area. Typically, gamefish will sit back on the darker halos of a lit area and wait for shrimp, crabs, or an artificial lure to approach the lit structure. This is when a fish will strike. Even though snook season is closed, it is still a great time to practice catch and release while taking a few pictures along on the way.

Submitted By: Capt. Keith Mixon
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