Orange Beach December 2018

Captain Johnny Willis

With temperatures dropping and the bait beginning to pour into our bays, my favorite time of the year is here. This means we have thousands of redfish pouring down into our beaches and bays. Until around January you will want to keep your eyes open for crashing birds and surface activity as a large school of redfish will resemble small bombs going off under water. My approach has remained generally the same over the years with me using forty-pound monofilament leader about 18 inches long and a 1 ½ oz. Spro Bucktail jig. Also, if you happen to see a cluster of boats that seem bunched up, remain respectful and leave each other space, but definitely go over there and check it out, everything is easier when we communicate where the fish have been located as they tend to move a little each day. As for our captains in Pensacola and Orange Beach, we are constantly conversing and helping one another to find the fish and stay on them. Its important this time of the year because the more eyes on the water, the less driving we do to hunt them down. The biggest tip I can give is just to be constantly paying attention and looking for any kind of activity on the water.

We will be filming another episode with Bob Refern and the Pursuit Channel, so keep an eye out for that as well.

We still have a few dates left, so please give us a call and let’s go fishing.

Captain Johnny Willis
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