Orange Beach December 2019

Captain Johnathan Willis

This is it! What we’ve all been waiting for, The Gulf Coast’s famous Redfish run! When on the water the next couple months your biggest tool is your awareness. A lot of times the fish will be given away by a crowd of other boats, birds, bait all of these are good signs. When these fish are on the surface I like to use a 40lb fluorocarbon leader tied to a 1 1/2oz Spro jig. As long as you land your lure in the midst of the feeding frenzy all that is left to do is set the hook and the fight is on! Another HUGE part of this month is safety, as things can get chaotic when these fish are coming up and going down always remember to be mindful of other boats around as they be standing up fighting a fish and not see your boat wake coming. So with that being said, tight lines and we wish you the best of luck!

Captain Johnathan Willis
Gulf Bay Charters

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