Orange Beach June 2019

Capt. Johnathan Willis

We at Gulf Bay Charters are hoping everyone is having as great of a month as we are in Orange Beach, Alabama. The fishing is just insane, all of it! The schooling trout ranging from 13”-20” have been found in large amounts in 3-5ft of water. We are using our hands down favorite lure, the Matrix Shad (soft plastic) on a quarter ounce jig head. This lure has really been tearing up the trout. The 21” and up trout and redfish have been more predominantly found in shallow grass flats using jerk baits and suspending lures early in the morning and late in the evening. Overall our amazing fishery just continues to grow as the weather warms up. With that being said, the calendar is filling fast, so secure a date as soon as possible! Let us do all the work and so you can enjoy a great day fishing on our beautiful water.

As always, we wish everyone calm seas and tight lines.

Gulf Bay Charters
Captain Johnathan Willis