Orange Beach – March 2019

Captain Johnny Willis

With temperatures beginning to rise and spring on its way our area is beginning to see a lot of changes in fish patterns. One of the largest changes we will see is the influx in sheepshead around structures in Pensacola and Perdido Bay, these fish are very finicky and require light leader like 20lb fluorocarbon about 18” long. A live fiddler crab or small live shrimp seem to get the most action out of these fish. Also another change we’ll begin to see is that the large schools of trout are leaving the rivers and heading out to the grass flats with the bait, as always I start my search using a 1/4oz jig head on a matrix soft plastic, if you’re looking for a trophy trout this is the time to find it in our area.

The early spring months are when you’re going to find the fish that have more mass to them since they’ve been tucked up in the rivers and creeks eating away at the mullet all winter. Early in the morning throwing around a large top water plug isn’t going to land a million strikes this time of year but the fish that are active and attack it are normally the fish of a life time so from daylight till when the sun gets up good I’ll be doing this and then switching to my soft plastic because with the sun high they can see the treble hooks of the top water.

We wish you calm seas and good fishing from Gulf Bay Charters!

Captain Johnny Willis
Lost Bay Charters