Orange Beach Sept 2019

Captain Johnathan Willis

The fishing from Pensacola to Orange Beach is on FIRE!!! Trout, Tarpon, Redfish, Flounder, Mackerel and more have been chewing the hooks off. The Trout, Redfish and Flounder have been most often found on grass beds and around docks in 2-4ft of water. Also, when in these areas keep a sharp eye out for surface action as this is usually a good sign of bait being chased by predator fish! As usual a Matrix Shad with a quarter ounce jig head is always my go to for finding fish of pretty much all kinds just slowly bumping it off the bottom back to you. Another great way to find Trout and Redfish is fishing dock lights along lagoons a lot more of times you will see surface activity here as well. There is still great weather to take you and/or your family and friends fishing. The tourists are all leaving and it’s a great time to be on the water. With that being said, we at Gulf Bay Charters wish you tight lines!

Captain Johnathan Willis
Gulf Bay Charters

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