North Central Florida September Forecast

September is finally here and that means October, and cooler temps can’t be far behind.   I am ready!  I do love all the rain but my swamp is still pretty much dry. (So where did all these mosquitos come from?) I guess it will take a tropical depression or hurricane to put some water in my swamp.

Gator hunting started Aug. 15th.  If you were lucky enough to score a permit, and you need some expert help, give us a call.  Cary has about 30 years of experience and all the necessary gator hunting equipment and we can provide references.

This month’s recipe, Grouper Cheeks with Sautéed Shrimp and Parmesan Cream on page 19, was inspired by a yummy dish at a popular chain restaurant. Cary said that I nailed it.  The name of the restaurant isn’t DiamondMonday or SapphireSunday!

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