Pensacola / Pensacola Beach June 2019

Capt. Rick Barberi

This June, our main target will be Red Snapper. On our longer trips we will be targeting scamp as well as pelagic’ s. On the shorter trips we will be targeting King Mackerels.

Red snappers are readily available anywhere from 50 ft to 300 ft of water. They seem to be everywhere right now which will be great for anglers this month. We generally like to use a standard Carolina style rig with 6-16 oz of weight and match your hook to the bait. My favorite dead bait is northern mackerel. If I want to target larger fish, I like to use large live bait from 6-8 inches long. Another fun way to catch them is to chum them up where you can see them, and then try to pick out the one you want. Our area has the best Red snapper fishing in the world some go enjoy.

Trolling in the normal areas should be good (The Nipple, Elbow, Spur, 131 Hole, etc.) generally till the first part of July when the water gets to dirty. So, get your snapper then go give it a shot you may catch the fish of a lifetime. It only takes one log to turn a good day to a great day.

Scamp fishing should be good in June as well. Live bait should be fairly easy to find in the mornings around the pass. I like to fish natural structure from 180-350 ft. Although several live baits will work, my favorite is a cigar minnow. Scamps love em!

Capt. Rick Barberi
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