Simms Shirts 2017

For 2017, the Simms company of Bozeman Montana is offering another long line of superlative performance fishing garments which live up to the Simms reputation. We tried out three shirts in a variety of angler pursuits.

First in our testing was a leader of the Simms line up, the Stone Cold. The newest version of this product is still one of the best fishing shirts available; with all the required features, it is a sure thing everyday fishing shirt. Passing the fly fishing necessities test, The Stone Cold has pockets that are large enough to hold fly boxes and organize tools. Wearing this shirt on and off the water, I appreciated the slightly shaped hem which stays tucked in when necessary and avoids the preppy scalloped look when worn untucked. UPF 30 fabric and innovative wrist protecting cuffs keep the damaging sun at bay, but best of all the refreshing sensation of Cool Control keeps the anglers casting into shade rather than anchoring in it. The Stone Cold comes in four colors of up to date plaid patterns for a casual look in a technical fishing garment.

For the ultimate technology in a fishing shirt, Simms is carrying on with their distinctive Taimen Tricomp. Different fabrics are strategically placed together to meet different needs in different body locations. Breathable, UPF, rip stop nylon covers high wear areas while sleeves of stretch knit fabric do everything a angler needs in a cuff and coordinates with matching fabric in the torso to provide both coverage and freedom of movement that no other technical garment matches. Four pockets and two attachment points provide enough storage for even pack rat/gear hog guides while the Cool Control fabric keeps them working. Like it’s an effective fly pattern, a good luck charm and a favorite team blended in to one, guides who work in the Tricomp often become deeply attached.

But what if your job requires business casual, but there is great fishing water between work and home? But what if she wants you to, “Please dress a little nicer.” when you meet her Dad? Providing the solution and filling this required slot in any angler’s closet, the Simms Westshore shirt combines their expertise in technical fabrics with the smart casual appearance sometimes necessary for the busiest anglers. The classic oxford front with one patch pocket and button down collars are assembled with comfortable wicking and stretch fabric to create a stealth fishing shirt that gets compliments each time I wear it. The slightly shaped hem can be worn out just as neatly as in, and the synthetic blend fabric cut in an active shape instantly gives the off-water angler a comfort that no cotton dress shirt can hope to match in years.

These shirts are just the start of the 2017 Simms angler-driven gear which we’ve gathered at The Andy Thornal Company. Stop in for your own field tests.