Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Surface Temp: 61 Degrees
Clarity: Tannic 18 inches

Tip of the Month: For me this time of year is all about slowing your presentation down and really focusing on fishing thicker cover. Making several cast from different angles at the cover is key. The fish aren’t wanting to chase the fly too far when the temperature drops. On the warmer days they will be more active, but slow it down on the cold fronts.

Techniques: Lately the bass have been a little lethargic and are taking a little pestering to get to bite. Choose flies such as wooly buggers or other smaller streamers that give action even on the slower retrieve rates. As far as color goes the usual all white, and olive have been the most productive. Personally I feel that a proper presentation is more important than a specific color choice especially when fly fishing since our patters are generally smaller and more realistic in profile. Casting to potential hot-spots such as submerged trees and dock post multiple times has been necessary since the fish won’t pursue very far. Typically the bass will get active again as the water warms up before the front rolls through. The pre-frontal bass fishing is very good as they are feeding before the temps dip back down again making this an ideal time to fish shad patterned streamers and noisy topwaters. Now the bass are beginning to push up shallow and prep the beds for the spawn so back off the distance from shore as not to spook these fish hanging around the drop-offs or in slightly deeper water. Heavier flies such as Clouser Minnows or larger Lead Eyed Wooly Buggers are ideal as they will maintain bottom contact shallow and will allow for a vigorous retrieve when the wind picks up. They’re has been several different weather patterns and varied fish patterns that’s why this report is a little more diverse as each scenario has a gameplan that works best. As far as colors go darker colors such as olive and orange or black and purple are the best bets as they do an awesome job mimicking bluegill disrupting the bass beds. With the spawn approaching soon the bass will be on high alert and bluegill are nest robbers and love to feed on bass eggs so the bass attack any sunfish that swims near their domain. Crawfish flies in rust or purple also work well when targeting bedding fish. The bucks are the designated security guards and you’ll catch them off the beds first. The bluegill have been being caught on heavier Pheasant tails along drop offs no strike indicators as well on wooly buggers fished around grass lines and wood. Also casting white wooly bugger parallel to the shoreline and fished slowly off the bottom has been picking up quite a few large panfish and specs.

Local Weather and River Outlook: Weather conditions are cooling slightly with some spotty showers coming. The water level on the Peace River is maintaining normal levels. Water levels on the Econ, and Hillsborough are slightly above average levels.The Withlacoochee and the Kissimmee River are low. The Myakka River is slightly above average.

Submitted by: Hunter Towery
Peace Creek Guide Service