Some Like It Hot

  The month of September brings in a few different “hot” things along our Nature Coast area: Namely, the weather and the fishing.
We are rounding third base on our scalloping season which ends September 25th. I still have some good dates left, so come on and take advantage of what has been an absolutely incredible season thus far for collecting the fine eating, bi-valve mollusks. I have a few hot spots marked on my GPS that is away from the fleet, and we’ve been getting our limits in about 2-1/2 hours.
Another item that naturally doesn’t surprise anybody that’s lived in Florida long enough is we’re in the peak of hurricane. Let’s hope we get lucky and avoid any major bullets.

Yet another “HOT” item besides the weather and scalloping is, the very best time for red fishing which is from now through the Fall barring any cold fronts that would drop the water temp below 80. And it already looks to be a good one. We started catching most of our reds at the very end of August, and they’re still schooling in the shallows along our many mangrove islands and outer keys that line our coast. This is some of their favorite time of the year because of the spawning ritual and the many hordes of baitfish schools for them to indulge on. Most of the popular artificial’s like weedless jerkbaits, spoons, and topwater plugs will oblige.

Also, one of the very best “bait and wait” offerings is fresh cut ladyfish. So, if you happen to boat one while trout fishing, save it and use a good chunk of it when the tides turn and you go hunt for the reds.


Submitted By: Capt. Rick Burns
Reel Burns Charters