South Eleuthera Dive Forecast – February 2011

Diving near the Cape Eleuthera cobia cage provides divers an opportunity to view and observe huge schools of inshore and pelagic fish.

The second month of the year brings outstanding water visibility to South Eleuthera averaging 150 feet plus almost every day. A slight temperature drop to about roughly 73-to-74 degrees continues to push the larger grouper up over the edge of the wall, but remember Nassau grouper season is still closed through the end of the month. Some smaller schools of huge mutton snapper will begin to appear cruising the edge of the Exuma Sound drop off this month. Watching these schools hunt can make for exciting dives! The most exciting news for South Eleuthera is that the Island School will be completed with its stocking of juvenile cobia into their amazing fish cage. The diamond shaped structure will hold 5,000 cobia by the end of the month and feeding will be bumped up to twice per day! The massive structure on the Wall will attract 5-to-6 bull sharks, thousands of yellowtail snapper, large schools of African pompano, and this month, plenty of wahoo. Truly a sight to be seen! The new netting of the cage has steel leader wire woven into the material to discourage the bull sharks from making their way into the cage, and getting a “free lunch”. We all wish the scientist, researchers and students at the Cape Eleuthera Institute the best of luck with this year’s endeavors. They are truly on the cutting edge of sustainability.

FORECAST BY: Neal Watson Jr.
Cape Eleuthera Divers
PADI Instructor #240841
Phone: (242) 551-0122