South Eleuthera Diving Forecast – May 2011

Neal Watson doing his part to battle the invasion of lionfish.

The predictably warmer waters of May have arrived. Consistently flat calm weeks, water temperature reaching 80 degrees are here. May brings with it massive schools of mutton snapper that invade the reefs of South Eleuthera foraging on our abundant reef fish. The best spot to watch the schools of mutton are along the edge of The Wall where a school so large will pass, an entire dive at 65 feet starts and ends with a school of mutton snapper. The thermocline where the eagle rays feed is still a little deep but if you are properly trained and willing, a 100 foot dive over the edge of The Wall will almost always produce a school of massive eagle rays for your viewing pleasure. Wing spans on these “bats” can easily reach 7 feet and, as always, look like the Eleutheran Air Force flying in formation.

Forecast By: Neal Watson Jr.
Cape Eleuthera Divers
Cape Eleuthera Resort and Yacht Club
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