South Eleuthera Fishing Report and Forecast: August 2015

South Eleuthera mahi

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ugust will bring more warm water and sight fishing will be key. This time of year brings very warm water temperatures so look for birds, structure and weeds. With the warm temperatures, fish look for cover to keep cool and ambush any passing bait. It is my experience that if you stay 15 to 20 yards away from the structure while trolling by, you will have better results for trophy fish. During August, you can troll dead baits, lures and deep swimmers to produce a mixed bag of fish. Was doing a training cruise for the Ocean Fox Cotton Bay mates and captains last month and found fish in unlikely spots. We were on “The Bridge” and caught a 35-pound bull blue dolphin in 100 feet of water. Our mate Anderson Anderson was excited to catch this trophy fish since mates and captains don’t get to reel fish in very often. We also found cero mackerel, bar jack and plenty of barracuda. If offshore is not producing what you want, I suggest deep swimming baits and top water dead baits trolled over structure and sand in the shallows. Shallows being water 60 feet to 15 feet. This can produce mutton snapper, rock grouper, yellowtail and plenty of barracuda. A tight line is a tight line. Enjoy your summer and the adventure of hunting fish. Safety first and tight lines.