South Eleuthera Fishing Report and Forecast: July 2015

A happy mahi fishing day! PHOTO CREDIT: Ocean Fox Cotton Bay.
A happy mahi fishing day! PHOTO CREDIT: Ocean Fox Cotton Bay.

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]appy Summer Anglers! Water temp is up and sometimes the fishing gets difficult. This is when the avid angler excels. Anyone can catch fish when they are biting but a true angler can make them bite when they are not. Always be ready for the strike of a life time during the next few months. I am excited because it is marlin season in the Bahamas’. All islands have seen a steady bite since January and only it seems to be getting better. Bluefin and large yellowfin are also around in the summer. To target these two fish, you must rig big or go home. Start with the basic’s. Strong leaders, good terminal tackle, great line, serviced rods and reels and finally patience. Use the top ten lures or baits for these fish. Sample trolling practices and also site casting. Practice having big fish on so you will know how to react when it really does happen. This would be the only time yelling is acceptable in

fishing. Have the same level of excitement in your practice and when the strike happens everyone knows what to do when to do it and how it will feel. Always remember safety first and be prepared for anything.

Tight lines and happy hunting.