South Eleuthera Fishing Report and Forecast: Dec. 2013

Greetings anglers and Happy Holidays! I have already gotten my holiday present! Fishing is excellent here at the south end of the island. Wahoo, blackfin tuna and dolphin are here. Capt. Daryl Miller and Mate Lyndon Mackey boated three dolphin, five barracuda and one wahoo on a recent trip. This was on a full moon and it can only get better from here. The boat Kathy Jean, owned by Wilbur and Kathy Baird and captained by Breon Whylly, boated a blackfin, kingfish, snapper, grouper and yes, a 65 pound “pig” wahoo on a short six hour trip. I asked them what they used for bait and they said a bare naked ballyhoo….period, end of story. That made me think of how I fish. The newest technology is not always the best medicine. If you are having trouble getting fish to bite, change to simpler tactics. A cedar plug, some bare-naked ballyhoo and watch the water, tides and moon for best results. Downriggers work well this time of season. I mate so much I don’t get to reel in fish as much as I would like. Always taking care of the customers. I am still hunting for the 100 pound plus wahoo on my days off. Wish me luck. 

 Tight Lines and Happy Holidays!