Spearfishing & Dive Report: Nov 2013

by Keith Sterner

Conditions on the reefs have continued to be excellent, reports have been 30 to 50 ft with only the occasional green water appearance and that seems to be only in the top of the water column. Once you get under it the water is almost 80 degrees yet and clean and blue. The wrecks however have been seeing mixed conditions day to day and hour to hour. The green water seems a bit thicker inshore and in some cases you are unable to get under the green water. But again reports vary in some cases even hour to hour. Be ready to move around and be patient you can find the good water.

The fish have been plentiful. Flounder, mango snapper and triggers seem to be in everyone’s cooler, the lobster are there and most but not all the eggs are gone. The grouper seem to be working their way back in from the deeper water. The reefs are holding more then last month and there has been an occasional grouper on the wrecks. Let us hope the grouper continue to make their inshore move for the upcoming mating season. Season for harvesting the grouper ends at the end of the year. So get to it while it is still nice! This time of year it is usually difficult to count on good weather but what an October we have had. Let us pray November yields similar conditions to October. We will plan to continue running our boats with these conditions and we will hold off a little longer on our runs to S. Florida for good diving.

Keith Sterner Owner/instructor
Sea Dogs Dive Center
111 Flagler Ave. New Smyrna Bch., Fl. 32169