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St Marks Fishing Report – August

st. marks fishing


August fishing is a mixed bag of fishing conditions.  You can expect it to be hot, but you never know what the rain will have done to the bay.  It started raining in June, and has not taken too many breaks.  This month will be about finding the correct water to fish.  There are hungry fish out there, but location is key.

The summer trout bite fade happened in July.  There are still fish to catch, but working deeper water will help your catching.  There are also fish on the bars in less than two foot of water, but the numbers of fish are less.  If you are looking for big fish, go to the creeks.  If you are looking for numbers, go fish a deep grass flat.  Jig and paddletail combos will be your best bet.  Anything in the gold and sparkling color will mimic a glass minnow.

The redfish bite has been good all summer.  There are fish within sight of the lighthouse.  Working the oyster bars with topwater this month will produce fish.  Also, as the water temps increase in August, look for reds to move deeper into the spring fed creeks.  Most of these creeks are east of the lighthouse.  The creeks can hold some nice schools this month. If not topwater, paddletails will catch them.

Bonus fish this month in St. Marks could be tarpon!  Look for tarpon to become more predictable this month.  August will see them settle and hold in an area with good bait.  It is a great month to target big fish feeding on small bait.  The giant fish love to eat glass minnows, so tossing them a small jig is completely acceptable.  Big fish love black jigs!

This is the last month to get the kids on the water, before school, so give me a call and we will have a good time!

August is a slower month with the return to school, so there should be plenty of days open.  We go early, and usually back by lunch.

Call/text/email to book your day on the water in St. Marks Florida!


Forecast By:

Captain Mike McNamara