STEINHATCHEE – July Fishing Report

I think of August as the broiler month, if winds are light to none.  It is fishing under a heat lamp for the entire day, if stationary.  The operative word is “if”.  Don’t remain stationary.  You have the ability to create a breeze via the wiz-bang machine located at the backend of your boat.  Fire up the motor and go for a joy ride when it begins to get uncomfortably warm/hot.  The passing air is welcomed by everyone aboard.  Furthermore, dunk towels in cold cooler water and wrap them around your head and neck before you think you need them.  You could bring crazy new squirt guns and have an unannounced water-fight amongst yourselves.  I use pump-up spray bottles filled with half and half, scented isopropyl alcohol and water.  The evaporative cooling quality of the mix is awesome!  Cut-up fruit is the best snack on a boat.  Take the time to dice any melons, citrus
The common sense solution is to drink excessive amounts of water and sports drinks.  It is very surprising how fast anyone can dehydrate in the throughs of summer heat, even when they think they had behaved well during the day, as well as, the night prior.

I got ‘bear caught’ a month ago.  Lil B took the helm as my head swam, laying on the bean-bag en route back after the finished charter.  That day, I drank at least a gallon of water and two sports drinks, and the previous night was not “exciting” as always.

Two last blips, ladies don’t refrain from drinking good fluids for fear of pee-pee on the boat.  It is a natural function, takes a brief moment, no one cares to watch or minds the delay, and it’s far better than you having a serious medical issue.  We love you fishing ladies, drink water; do your business.  Col’ beer or anything harder, in excess, doesn’t do you good the night before, or during the day fishing.  Alcohol is dehydration fluid.

Amberjack open up the the first of August!  Get ‘Reef Donkey’ kicked.  Go out to known amberjack haunts with a tank of live baits, jigs or whatever is in your confidence collection and have some big fun.  The food value is great, if the dark meat is cut away from the skin side before cooking.

Large Florida snapper (grunts) and sea bass are abundant in 45-50′.  If conditions are calm, simply drift fish with squid or cut bait to provide a fantastic fish fry.  The drift fishing rounds out a good day with possibilities of a surprise red or gag grouper.