Suwannee River/Cedar Key

Suwannee: November Fishing Report

Hey there folks,

I hope y’all are enjoying this cooler weather, because I know the fish are. That being said, the redfish have started making their move toward the creeks. Don’t get me wrong; there is still plenty of fish to be caught around the islands. They should be stacking up on the outer points on the shoreline, both to the east and north.

The trout are also loving the cooler water temps. They are stacking up on the flats around the islands, and should be pretty easy to find. One of the easiest ways to hunt for trout, is with a cork rig.  Just pick a flat with 3 to 4 feet of water, and start a drift; if you find one with bait it is always plus. I always start off casting a B52 super sounder cork with a BassAssassin Lures jig beneath it. I normally rig mine about 20 to 24 inches below the cork with a 30-pound Fluor. All you have to do is cast it out, and pop it back to you with a three to five sec pause between pops. My rule of thumb is 10 casts on a spot. If you don’t catch one; move. Well folks I sure hope this has been some help. Like I always say, “Get outside and enjoy what God has made for us to enjoy. “

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Capt.Jimbo Keith