Suwannee River / Cedar Key Fishing Report

Hey There Folks,

I hope y’all survived the tuff Florida winter, because March starts my favorite time of year. This is when the turkeys start gobbling, fish start bedding, flowers bloom, grass starts growing and boats come out of hiding!

To start with, I would like to go over a few things to check on your boat and trailer. If you will do a few simple checks before you strike out on your fishing trip, it just might save you some time and money. After your boat sits for a month or two, you need to check your cranking battery for juice. What I do the day before I head fishing is, turn my key and make sure the motors fires off. This checks your battery and also lets you know if it will crank. Another really important thing to check is your steering.  If you have cable steering, turn your steering wheel back and forth to make sure it’s not seized up. The cable will sometimes freeze after it sits for a month or so. If you have hydraulic steering, you won’t have this problem, but you will still want to check it to make sure yours has fluid. On your trailer, check your wheel bearings for grease, this might save your fishing trip and an expensive tow bill.

Now, we are on to the fun stuff. The inshore bite is going off! Trout are just about everywhere from 1 to 4 feet of water. We are catching the majority of ours on the B52 Super Sounder with a Saltwater Assassin Sea Shad jig beneath it.
Redfish are starting to gather at the creek mouths and points along the shoreline both north and east of Cedar Key. These fish are a little easier to target with artificial lures like top-water lures or spoons.  You can also fish for them with shrimp, but you must rig it shallow, under a cork, to keep from getting hung on the rocks and oysters.

The sheepshead are also moving to the offshore reefs and shallow rocks to spawn, and should be pretty easy to catch on shrimp and fiddlers. Well folks, I hope this will help you out on your next adventure. Like always get outside and enjoy what God has made for us.

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Capt. Jimbo Keith