The Night Shift Revisited

By: Rich Ellison

I finally got around to doing a little fishing. I’ll be honest here, I only went so I would have genuine material for my article this month; I’ve been very distracted chasing spring turkeys. I am sure glad that I did! The bite was outstanding in Mobile Bay.
In previous articles I’ve said you can catch redfish, trout & flounder on dock lights. This is technically true, but I’ve come to see that in my Mobile Bay waters 99% of the time you’re chasing redfish. Let me tell you, they seldom disappoint. Salinity doesn’t much affect them. They love to eat. They aren’t picky.
My last outing was in North Mobile Bay. I would tell you exactly where, but then where’s the fun in that. Also, the other folks that fish it would tar and feather me. You only need one good light. We had two. Between those two, in two hours we boated around 40 fish; released them all. Most were 16-20 inches but a couple were upper slot fish.
If you choose to go after these willing and angry fish, the game is simple. Leave your expensive gear at home, lest you snap it in the dark. A cheaper but sturdy rod will suffice. Spinning reel with 20# braid, no leader. 1/4 oz jig and Gulp! This combination will catch any redfish under a light. The action should continue to be good at night until it gets below freezing again. Seriously, our fishery is that good. Shhhh….

Rich Ellison
Outback Fishing Adventures