Charlie Warfield, Angler

Upstate NY Angler Magazine Now Has a Fly Fishing Section

To provide YOU with as much fishing information as possible, The Angler has begun a fly-fishing section which will be coordinated by and feature Charlie Warfield, a current field expert and writer of our West Canada Creek Report.

Troutfitters Five Deadly Steelhead Flies

If you’ve thought about trying one of upstate NY’s many Steelhead waters with a fly rod but aren’t sure where … Nov 1st, 2017

Underground Fishing League – St. Lawrence

By Michael Sorrento The St. Lawrence continues to prove to be an astonishing body of water to fish as it … Jul 31st, 2017

Jigging Saratoga Lake Panfish

By Frank Geremski, The Angler Magazine Upstate New York Publisher Lisa and I live about 4 miles from Saratoga Lake … Jul 30th, 2017

Dr. Hendrickson

By Mathew Delorenzo Matt is a full time Fly Fishing/Upland Hunting guide for the Hungry Trout Fly Shop in Wilmington, … Apr 25th, 2017

Tying Great Winter Nymphs

By Charlie Warfield I love fishing nymphs, especially in the winter when the fish are moving slow and waiting for … Feb 24th, 2017
Fly fishing for beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners

By Paul Sinicki Fly fishing isn’t a better way of fishing but a different way of fishing. To most people … Jan 28th, 2017

NYS Winter Classic

By Tim Thomas The NYS Winter Classic Fishing Tournament (Jan. 1st through Feb. 28th) is underway and gaining momentum as … Jan 28th, 2017
Good Fishing Starts With Good Stewardship

Good Fishing Starts With Good Stewardship

By Mark Usyk The idea of a fly line forming graceful loops in the air over a piece of water … Jan 28th, 2017

The Art of Fly Tying

By Charlie Warfield Fly tying is an art to itself. Many great fly fishers don’t tie flies and many great … Jan 28th, 2017

Cold Water Conservationists

By Rich Redman From Alaska to Vermont there is a dedicated group of piscatorial individuals that put trout and salmon … Jan 28th, 2017