Water Explodes

I know that vast parts of the country are just beginning to thaw out from a long Winter , and technically the calendar says it is still Spring , but here in Central Florida the month of May means it’s Summertime. I’ll translate that for you: It’s BIG FISH BONANZA time! We’re sure to catch our fair share of the typical 2lb – 4lb largemouth bass because it takes a lot of those size fish to get a trophy 8lb plus but knowing any cast can be the next big bite is a ton of fun. Imagine the site of working your favorite topwater bait back and forth, in perfect rhythm, across the submerged grass beds when the water explodes and it looks like someone sank a 5-gallon bucket the suction whole is so huge… then you feel the weight of something really, really heavy, you set the hook and your rod just doubles over like you snagged a stump, then it’s peeling drag screaming across the lake and as it jumps skyward it is The Biggest Bass you have ever seen! That’s the type of heart-pounding scene I am so very fortunate to share with many people.

So let’s get to fishing on the south side of Winter Haven. I think it’s fair to say you know what we’ll be doing here, unless you just joined us mid-forecast. In my years I’ve learned there is no sense in trying to re-invent the wheel, so when I see bass schooling and chasing baitfish to the surface I’m throwing 2 things: a topwater Rebel Pop-R or Jumpin’ Minnow and Z-Man flukes or swimbaits. If it seems simplistic, it’s because it is. The fish are telling you what they want. Now, with that said there are times they’re NOT showing you they are active, but I guarantee that they are still around the baitfish. When you find grass lines or deep hydrilla watch your electronics and see where they are holding. The depth of the bait and bass will tell you what to do next. Keep checking different depths, you’ll find fish.

Over on the bigger lakes of the Kissimmee Chain I’m fishing in 5 FOW or less 90% of the time. This is not to say that there aren’t good fish offshore in deep water, there are plenty, it’s just personal preference. What you’ll need: frogs, Gambler EZ Swimmers, and you’re favorite flipping baits. This time of year it is important to watch the water depths on these lakes as they are lower than at winter pool level.
Captain Scott Taylor is the Senior Pro Guide for Camp Mack, a Guy Harvey Lodge, Marina, and RV Resort, and is the official guide for VisitCentralFlorida.org

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